Taiwan Gift and Houseware Exporters Association (TGHEA) were established on Sept. 9, 1970, the members of association are managing in variety of gift and houseware for import and export. We joint together and cooperate with government policy to promote the export of handicrafts, as well as mutual the benefits and increasing high level of business value.

Along with sound leadership by chairman Hsi-Chun Lin, George C. S. Whong, Robert M. L. Huang, Kent J. Y. Hsu, Richard H. Y. Lee, John Peng, Philip M. Lee,Lio Kuo, Chu Hsun Kai and present chairman Chun-Ming Yu have set up the respectable tradition of enthusiastic services. Disregarding any change of economy situation, we grow at steadfast pace and change along with the trend. TGHEA currently comprises 300 more firms, with members electing 27 directors and 9supervisors every three years. Under Board of Directors, there are 10 general committees and 8 specialty committees, 1 director, 1 to 2 vice-directors, and 9 to 20 committee-members from each committee. Each member of committees is highly qualified specialist in each of their fields; moreover, all of them are reliable and dependable.